7 Incredible Things You Never Knew About Marketing Your Website

1. Your website could be 500+% more effective at converting visitors into leads There's an entire discipline in the web marketing world called conversion rate optimization (CRO for short). CRO, in a nutshell, involves making changes to your website with the goal of increasing the percentage of people who contact you, sign up for your […]

Diagnosing 50% Traffic Drop After New Site Launch

We recently started work on a project and oversaw the launch of a new website. Traffic nose dived 50%. This is how we diagnosed the problem.

When you're put in charge of SEO during a new website launch, the last thing you want to see is traffic to the site drop after the launch. Especially when you were involved from the very beginning – even if you're thorough and cover your bases, anything can happen, but it's usually on us as […]

Calculating the Value of SEO Using Google AdWords

How to use your AdWords campaign to estimate the value of ranking organically

AdWords can be an incredibly valuable keyword research tool, especially now that Google's moved to hide much of your keyword data inside "not provided." The problem with every other keyword research tool, including Google's own keyword planner, is that they can be really inaccurate. Fortunately, if you're using Google AdWords, you can get a very accurate picture of […]

Case Study: Reducing Display Network CPA by 60%

How to use bid, placement, and demographic optimization on low budget display campaigns to minimize CPA

One of the hardest things about working with lower budget accounts is the lack of data, making it difficult to test what works – something that's basically essential to the success of a PPC campaign. This is especially true on the Google display network. There are so many impressions available in almost any industry that your budget gets eaten […]

Should you manage your own AdWords account?

Over the years I've been asked this question so many times I feel it deserves a blog post. I know Google allows anyone with a credit card to set up an AdWords campaign, and of course they have a strong incentive to make it look easy as possible. But would you ask your doctor why […]

5 SEO Tactics You Need to be Using Now

The other day I wrote a post about 4 popular SEO tactics you better not be using anymore. They are tactics that were such a huge part of SEO in the past but will, at best do nothing, and at worst penalize you moving forward. So what should you be doing? Here are some tactics […]

Awesome Local SEO Ranking Tip to Grab #1 Spot

This post was originally published on the Local Search Forum here. Hey everyone, just wanted to share a ridiculously good strategy we've been using with a lot of success lately to rank locally. This works best for keywords like "roofers in [city name]" or "landscaping companies in [city name]"…basically any keyword where the biggest intent […]

4 Popular SEO Tactics You Better Not Be Using Anymore!

If you're still using these tactics, watch out! The SEO industry has changed a lot over the past several years, primarily because Google has been on a rampage crushing tactics it views as manipulating search results. SEO will always be important but the game has changed tremendously. Here are 4 tactics that used to work […]

How NAP Affects Local SEO and Why Citation Consistency is So Important

A major factor in determining how you rank locally is the quantity and quality of citations and NAP consistency across your citations. What is NAP stand for? NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. It's a critical factor in local SEO and influences which companies Google and other search engines show for local intent […]

Your Keyword Research Sucks – Here's Why

Most people think of keyword research as just pulling a list of keywords out of the AdWords keyword planner and slapping those terms inside the meta titles of various pages on the website. Creating a list of terms with search volumes and competitive metrics is certainly a good place to start, but it’s not enough. […]