Meet our leaders

John Crenshaw

Andrea Larsen

Our history

John Crenshaw got his start in 2006 in digital marketing at the height of the mortgage boom in Southern California where he initially found massive success generating leads online. Following the mortgage crash in 2007, John relocated back to Cincinnati and began to build Razorlight Media slowly, over time, by testing different strategies and figuring out what worked. He has a strong technical background and deep understanding of conversion focused design and marketing strategies.

Andrea Larsen started her career in digital marketing back in 2005 building and maintaining ecommerce websites. She joined Razorlight Media in 2017 after spending nearly 7 years at a global digital agency in Cincinnati called Barefoot Proximity where she was promoted to Director of Technical Delivery leading work across digital platforms for several Fortune 25 clients. She brings expertise in collaborating with development teams and has a strong background in implementing one-to-one digital marketing strategies.

​Why Razorlight Media

Our deepest strengths are in SEO and PPC, but we're also extremely capable in coordinating every component of a digital marketing strategy, from development of the strategy itself, to understanding the target market, identifying the best channels to reach them, crafting a message that will resonate, and measuring the impact of everything.

We work best with companies that have small internal marketing teams that might have a lot on their plate and need help determining which digital channels will have the biggest impact and how to measure that impact. On projects like these we work more as consultants augmenting your internal marketing team with digital strategy and technical expertise. If it's digital and we don't do it, we have partners who can.

We also work with companies who hand off SEO and PPC to us entirely.

If you're looking to hand off SEO or PPC to a company to manage for you, or you're looking for someone to support your internal marketing team in their digital efforts, reach out and schedule a time to chat to see if we'd be a good fit.

Organizations we've helped

In the last 10 years we've been amazingly fortunate to work with some awesome companies.

I reached out to John Crenshaw after reading a blog post he wrote that addressed why website traffic decreases after changing your website. My traffic had dropped 50% and I was worried that something had been implemented incorrectly and that I was losing business. John did a comprehensive assessment of the website and our analytics over time and put my mind at ease. His assessment was thorough and he explained things so that I understood them. I was so impressed with John's services that I later reached out to him to hire him to do some SEO work for me. I highly recommend John.

– Ian E. Scott, Esq., J.D. Harvard Law School

We reached out to John because we had our ecommerce site redesigned and rankings, traffic, and sales dropped quite a bit as a result.

We made the decision to rebuild the site and John worked with the new design firm to plan & supervise the SEO & information architecture side of the redesign to solve the SEO issues.

After this new site launch and with the help of his SEO & PPC work, we're now on track to have our biggest year ever.

He has deep expertise in everything from SEO and PPC to analytics and conversion rate optimization, has great contacts to help fill gaps in design, development, and copywriting, and he's really become an advisor to the marketing side of the business that we've found invaluable.

All that said, I think what sets John most apart from his competitors is his ability to integrate into his client's business and his related passion for their profitability.

– Ken Schmaltz, Division Manager at Tisch Environmental, Inc.