We help companies drive amazing SEO & PPC results.

We can help you do the following:

I'm John Crenshaw. My team and I help companies drive amazing SEO & PPC results.

We can help you do following:

  • Determine if SEO or PPC is a good investment.
  • Analyze the competition and develop a strategy.
  • Provide consulting & training for your team to execute, or...
  • Handle the execution for you.

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What we do


SEO is about a lot more than meta titles and keywords. It's about understanding the role of rankings in achieving business goals, it's about understanding the reasons people search, and it's about having a deep knowledge of the way search engines function.

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Maximize PPC ROI

We build and manage PPC campaigns that generate qualified clicks that result in traffic, leads, and sales at an ROI unmatched by many other channels. Got a PPC campaign you think is broken? We can fix it.

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Measurement & analytics

You can't know what's working if you don't measure it. We can help you figure out what to measure and how to measure it so you can determine ROI on your marketing efforts.

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Our Online Training Course: The 80/20 of SEO

Get the 20% of information you need to get 80% of the result in SEO. Designed for anybody who DOESN'T do SEO for a living.

The simple model we teach in this course is designed to teach all those people the foundations of SEO and, most important, how they can use the model to improve SEO performance with the work they're doing every day.

Our results

250% increase in leads

Launched creative SEO & PPC lead gen strategies for a heavy duty equipment manufacturer that resulted in a 250% increase in leads driven through the site and a 60% increase in revenue that was already in the double-digit millions per year. As a result they were purchased by a private equity firm and the president retired.

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2x conversion rate

Doubled website conversion rates for a travel company with 17 locations nationwide from 9 – 18%, reduced paid media costs, and improved traffic and SEO rankings, resulting in 280% revenue growth and sustained 33% CAGR.

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Doubled revenue

Highest revenue month in company history after new site launched for an ecommerce company in the biomedical space. Keyword rankings improving dramatically. Consistently beating revenue targets by 56%, profit targets by 70%. Sustained 30% CAGR for this established brand that had been down 40% before hiring us.

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What we don't do

Jack of all trades, master of none? You'll find that's not the case with us. We remain best-in-class for the services above by not providing the services below.

But don't worry - if you need these, we know plenty of awesome people who can help.

Web design or development, Offline advertising, Social media, Email marketing, E-commerce, Website hosting or maintenance, Branding or logo design, Photography, Videography.

Note: That's not to say we don't have capabilities in many of the above areas - after all, most SEO / PPC projects require some web design / development work, and we can usually handle that work in-house. We just don't offer it as a stand-alone service.

Organizations we've helped

Who we are

We're devoted exclusively to one thing: delivering earth-shattering SEO and PPC results.

We believe in finding creative ways to achieve awesome results and constantly driving to improve performance.

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Our core values

Be thorough – Set tasks for yourself so you don’t forget. Follow up if there are questions – no matter how small, get it answered.

Communication solves all problems – Failure results when problems are allowed to fester without communication. At the first hint of an issue / question / concern, communicate. Talk about it and figure out how to solve it.

Improve Yourself – Wherever you are, personally and professionally, work to improve it.

Become a Partner to your Clients – Understand their business, their problems, feel their successes, suffer their failures.

Who are our clients?

We’ve worked with a wide variety of clients from different industries, ranging from small local service businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We have experience in the following industries:

- Manufacturing – Engineering – Bar & Restaurant – Medical Services & Supplies
- Consumer products – HVAC – Roofing – Telecommunications – Legal – Art – Airport Parking
- Warehousing & Fulfillment – Industrial Equipment – Windows & Doors – Events – Real Estate
- Construction & Remodeling – Mortgage & Banking – E-Commerce – Dental

Who you are

We know who we are and we know that means we won't always be a good fit for every client. Over the years we've learned some things about the types of clients we work best with:

1. You've probably already worked with an SEO/PPC firm in the past. - It's pretty rare for us to be a good fit for your first foray into SEO/PPC.

2. You have a budget, but you need to use it efficiently.

3. You need more transparency. You need to know what's happening each month, why it's happening, and what effect it's having.

4. You're no longer seeing the results you were seeing 1-2 years ago. SEO has changed dramatically over the past several years - the old tactics simply don't work anymore.

5. Your PPC campaigns just aren't performing. We're up for that challenge. We regularly turn dead campaigns into profit powerhouses.

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