I really enjoy partnering with Razorlight Media. They always make themselves available to me – whether in person or by phone. John quickly established rapport with the employees on my team. He is an excellent collaborator, educator & digital marketing resource!

nicole derogatisNicole DeRogatis
K4 Architecture, Director of Marketing

John has a true passion for all things search that definitely comes out when you talk with him. Being both good at what he does and loving it, makes his effort for us pay off in the results. Razorlight Media and John are detailed on projects, but able to communicate with each level needed. Most of all our campaigns are successful, and provide the ROI we expected and promised.

doug-beasleyDoug Beasley
InvisibleFence.com / IFD, Inc, VP of Operations

Having worked in web development for over a decade and watching the rise of “SEO” and specialists, analytics, trickery (link farms etc.) and what not has been an eyebrow raiser for me. Having seen all manner of business swindled or under delivered on had made me skeptical of business offering search engine optimization.

Enter Razorlight Media and John Crenshaw. I may be a designer first but I do speak geek and I understand a great deal of this realm… enough to grill John before my team at the Roofing Annex hired Razorlight. My first thought was that John didn’t sound like a computer geek which worried me but yet he talked the talk and proved he could walk the walk.

I’ve watched out site’s traffic increase and the leads generated continue to pick up as well. Razorlight has also been of great help in working with me in recoding/adding-to elements of the custom WordPress theme we use.

My final kudos to John go to availability and always being a team player. From advisor to programmer and SEO specialist I couldn’t recommend any person or business any more than Razorlight. I know I’ve found a partner for the long haul!

ryan-kazRyan Kaz
Art Director, Roofing Annex / Storyhat

We’ve gone from 10th or 11th page to 1st or 2nd place on all of our target keywords and their hard work and innovative thinking have kept us at the top for over 3 years. I consider their SEO optimization an integral part of our sales strategy.

justin-bolducJustin Bolduc
Crane-Tec, Inc., Director of Sales

Simply put, working with Razorlight makes life easier. They take ownership of your project and offers honest feedback. Their honesty is most important, because if you listen (and you should!) you’ll thank them. They’re responsible for helping us increase our conversion rates by 90%. RLM isn’t just “another web company” – their credentials and their results prove it.

chase sheilsChase Shiels
Business Development Director, 4ME Group

I had a larger, well-known marketing company managing paid search for my auto glass franchise and they weren’t getting the job done so I reached out to Razorlight Media. After meeting with John Crenshaw I decided to make a switch. I’m glad I did. In less than a week I went from 0 calls to more than 10 a day. On top of that I had an issue with the phone company and one of my phone lines went down. I emailed John on a Saturday afternoon and he had my ads updated within 20 minutes. I joked that Razorlight is this small company in Cincinnati and they’re beating up on that big national company I was working with before!

joe-dills-editedJoe Dills
Owner, Techna Glass Cincinnati

We hired Razorlight Media because we had seen our traffic from search engines on a steady decline. They conducted a site audit and implemented the recommendations and we saw search engine traffic more than double within about a month. John was great to work with and got the job done quickly. I can definitely recommend them.

Missy Fox, Paradrome Properties


You have done an amazing job in such a short period of time! My colleagues have tried and spent endless time, and $$$$ trying to run a successful Adwords campaign and have failed. In this competitive field as a Realtor, your talent has brought me the business I am looking for.

Blaine Loudenback, RE/MAX,


I still use John and I’d recommend him to anyone. He’s very responsive and fast. Awesome work!

Jonathan Keener, Interwoven Capital

Incredible work! John worked fast and met all of our expectations all within our budget. I get compliments on my site all of the time! He works weekends too, which helps in my industry!

Brian Bouquet, The Event Agency, http://www.eventagent.us

Another weekend? Do you ever stop working? The email looks great by the way. We have something else we’d like you guys to work on. Let’s talk about it later this week.

John Joseph, Owner, U.S. First Funding

Thanks, I have brides calling me left and right to see their weddings! Talk to you soon!!

Can’t wait…thanks for your help and I look forward to sharing your name with all my business clients. Great job!


Xuong Do, Owner, Happy Photos, http://www.myhappyphotos.com


Want to introduce you to a good friend who needs a site build.

Dan meet John!

Feel free to reach out to each other.


Edan Portaro, http://www.parkcitycondolodging.com

I appreciate all the work on the site – it looks FANTASTIC!!!!

Also, I got my first inquiry last night for rental of my unit from the site – very cool!!!!!

Edan Portaro, President, Canyons Condos, http://www.parkcitycondolodging.com

Saved me $25k a month i was spending on leads. He got them submitting through our site now. I don’t know what it costs but its not even close to 25k a month. Thanks john!

Scott Clift, President, OC Capital

Hey Todd,

I wanted to refer you to Razorlight Media for your web site. They really did an incredible job for us! I was getting so frustrated with our last web company not delivering on time and never really finishing the project. Razorlight Media stepped up took over the project and completed it in a more cost effective manner than our first web company. They are very reliable they got back to us with are questions answered that same day.

Not only did it cost us less for them to create our while web site but it looks great! And is very easy to navigate, and very reliable. The hosting company they use is awesome. I know they can create a great web site for you that is creative, reliable, fast, and above all well within your budget. I would highly recommend Razorlight Media for all your web needs.

-Eric Spivey, President, SpyVStyle

My law firm’s website was in desperate need of an overhaul. I had designed it myself years ago and it was functional but boring. Being extremely busy in my practice, I had no time to update my website and decided that I needed an experienced and professional designer. Not knowing where to look, I checked out Craigslist and stumbled upon a posting from [Razorlight Media] which was advertising web design services.

I shot out an e-mail to them and received a call the following day from John Crenshaw. John immediately understood what I needed and was able to put together a design package for my firm for a very reasonable flat rate.

John wasted no time getting to work on my project and was in constant communication with me throughout the process, even e-mailing me after hours and on weekends.

Needless to say, I am very pleased with the new look of my website and would not hesitate for a moment in using [Razorlight Media] for my next project or referring them to my friends and colleagues.

David S. Schonfeld, Attorney at Law, http://www.evictionlaw.com

John asked me to write a review for work he did for our company and asked me to be brutally honest, so here it is. Excellent work on the SEO. I’ve worked with a number of the other SEO companies here in Cincinnati and John and his team did what none of the others could do for a fraction of the cost. The only area for imporvement is that I think I would have preferred a bit more communication during the process. He contacted me once a week or so to review the project’s status, but I would have liked to have more frequent updates.

- Adele Gunda

I found a company a few years back that was offering SEO for $199 a year. With everyone else charging in the thousands per month, I thought it was worth a try. Not only did I waste $199, but even after I cancelled, they kept charging me the 199 for 3 years. There was no contact info anywhere. I had to cancel my credit card. Lesson learned, you don’t get good for cheap. I hired John after that fiasco and he’s done great work. I have nothing but good things to say about him.

- Mark Stanford

I went from getting no leads at all to getting anywhere from 3-5 leads a day, most of which are surprisingly good. They got my little company ranked #2 for a national term directly related to our business. Now I have to start hiring people because this is way too much work for a 10-person company.

- Sharlene McCormick


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