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RLM is a Cincinnati Web Design Company. We create beautiful, affordable web designs that sell. We focus on maximizing the number of visitors who buy something, submit a contact form, or call you.

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Creating a rich user experience through sound interface design principles and a focus on ROI

Our design philosophy

Experience has taught us that design focus should be spread across three major areas:

1. Professional Appearance

Internet surfers are skittish; if your website looks like it was thrown together by the high school kid down the street, your prospects will turn tail and run. You have six seconds to capture a prospect’s attention, and one of the things they decide in those six seconds is whether or not your website is worth a deeper look.

“75% of web users admit making judgments about the credibility of an organization based on the design of its web site.”
– Fogg, B.J., Standford Guidelines for Web Credibility

Build instant trust with a clean, professional design and layout. Extreme attention to detail, but not too flashy. We don’t want to distract your prospects from the primary goal…converting into customers.

2. Usability and User Interface

The other thing about internet surfers is that they get bored really fast. If you don’t give them the information they’re looking for quickly and easily, they’ll leave your website and try your competitors.

This is one of the most important, yet often overlooked elements in website design and it’s something we’re passionate about. That’s why we’re members of the Information Architecture Institute, a not-for-profit that supports individuals and organizations specializing in the design and construction of shared information environments. It’s absolutely vital your website visitors find what they’re looking for and they find it fast, and we have the experience to help make that happen.

3. ROI – Return on Investment

Your website is an investment in your business, which has the potential to provide an enormous return…if it’s utilized properly. That’s why we design every aspect of your website with a single ultimate goal in mind: your bottom line.

If your website isn’t going to increase profits, it’s nothing more than an online business card. We believe every aspect of a website should be geared toward maximizing conversions. Whether that be in the form of a company history that helps your prospects form a more personal connection to your business, or a stress-free, simple checkout system that decreases shopping cart abandonment rates and helps your customers feel happy they chose you.

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Edit your own website with ease

Are you tired of having to call a web developer every time you need to update your website? How much more quickly and efficiently could you make changes to your website if you could actually make those changes yourself, without the need to contact your web developer? Not only will our content management systems save you thousands a year in update costs, but your website will have something your competitors don’t…Agility.

  • Want to target a new demographic? Add a new page and be on your way in minutes, not days.
  • No longer offering a certain product? Remove it from your website instantly and avoid the unnecessary embarrassment of customers calling for discontinued products.
  • New phone number? Update it.
  • Holding a big event? Post it. And after the event post the photos to share with your customers.
  • Want to make sure customers get your message? Email every one of them from the control panel in seconds.

If you can imagine it, it’s possible.

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Our Content Management System vs. Traditional HTML-Based Websites

Take a look at just some of the features available in our content management systems when compared to traditional, HTML-based websites.

Features Traditional, HTML-Based Websites Our CMS-Based Websites
Considerable costs to update Checkmark  
Must rely on web developer to make website changes Checkmark  
Considerable costs to add new features Checkmark  
Limited expandability Checkmark  
Add, remove, and edit pages without calling your developer   Checkmark
Add or remove images   Checkmark
Send an email newsletter   Checkmark
Manage multiple mailing lists   Checkmark
Email promotional coupons   Checkmark
Post photos of company events in the photo gallery   Checkmark
Post videos of company events   Checkmark
Post videos from online sources like YouTube or Vimeo   Checkmark
Update your company blog whenever you want   Checkmark
Allow visitors to leave comments on your blog, or disable comments completely   Checkmark
Post pricing changes   Checkmark
Add new product and/or service offerings   Checkmark
Heard of Wikipedia? Create your own company Wiki for employee training materials and password-protect it so only employees have access.   Checkmark
And much, much more!   Checkmark

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