Pay Per Click Advertising

Consulting & Training

  • Great if you manage your own campaigns but need a kick start.
  • 15% improvement guarantee1.
  • Analytics Installed & integrated with AdWords.
  • Complete account review.
  • Optimize campaign targeting.
  • Optimize ad group targeting.
  • Optimize ad extensions.
  • Optimize keywords & bid prices.
  • Optimize ad text.
  • Usually takes 3 – 5 hours over 2 months
  • No Contracts.

On-Going Management

12.5% of spend/mo
($1000 min.)
  • Most effective for keeping costs low.
  • 15% improvement guarantee1.
  • Analytics Installed & integrated with AdWords.
  • Complete account review.
  • Optimize campaign targeting.
  • Optimize ad group targeting.
  • Optimize ad extensions.
  • Optimize keywords & bid prices.
  • Optimize ad text.
  • Ongoing split testing and optimization.
  • No Contracts.

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What’s the difference between the two packages?

Ideally, you would choose On-Going Optimization; that allows us to keep a constant eye on your campaign and optimize it most effectively. This is because as the account accumulates data each month, we have more information with which to optimize your account. With On-Going Optimization, we’re constantly split testing ads and making changes to the account structure to improve performance each month.

While you’ll always see greater improvement with On-Going Optimization, we offer One-Time Optimization because we realize you may not have the budget to hire us on a monthly basis. One-Time Optimization gives you our 15% performance improvement guarantee at a lower, one-time cost. Many companies hire us to do One-Time Optimization every 3 months or so, which keeps costs low, but also provides some on-going performance improvements.

115% performance improvement guarantee: If the key performance metrics on your account do not improve by at least 15%, we’ll refund 100% of our fee. Key performance metrics include Cost per Conversion & Cost Per Click.

What is Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click advertising (Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter) is perhaps the most popular form of online marketing and, if managed properly, can be extremely profitable for your company. Next time you search Google, Yahoo or MSN, take a look at the right side of the screen and you’ll likely see a list of websites that appear to be separate from the search results. When you click on one of those links, you are taken directly to that company’s website. The search engine then charges that company a small price for the click, hence the term Pay Per Click.

At Razorlight Media, we use Pay Per Click extensively and successfully in client campaigns to drive traffic to our clients websites and send customers to our clients’ businesses. We handle all aspects of the Pay Per Click campaign, including creating or optimizing your website, researching keywords, writing the ads, and optimizing the campaign on an ongoing basis to maximize your customers.

Request more information by clicking here, or, if you prefer to speak with someone now, give us a call at (866) 377-4331 and select extension 0.

Pay Per Click Advertising
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Here are some questions about pay per click advertising that our clients have asked in the past. These will help you understand how the system works and what Razorlight Media can do to help you get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do we pay?

We get this question a lot.

You pay Google directly for clicks on your ads. If you already have an AdWords account, you’ve probably setup payment information with a credit card. Google charges you directly for all per click costs.

Our fee is completely separate from that and we’ll invoice you each month depending on the package you choose.

Many companies add a surcharge to each click, then Google bills them, and they bill you with the surcharge tacked on. YellowBook is one company a lot of our clients have used in the past that does this. The problem with this method is that, in most cases, you don’t have any idea how much that surcharge is and how much the clicks actually cost without the surcharge.

We don’t do that because it’s not transparent. When you work with us, you’ll be able to login to your AdWords account at any time and see exactly how much you’re paying for each click, each sale, each lead, etc, as well as what we’ve done to improve the campaign.

What’s the difference between Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and MSN adCenter?

All three are pay per click advertising networks, the main difference is who owns them. Some of the other differences are:

  • Traffic level – Google’s system is the largest and most heavily trafficked, followed by Yahoo, then MSN. For any given keyword, Google AdWords will generally have about twice as many searches as Yahoo Search Marketing and three times as many as MSN adCenter.
  • Cost per click – Google’s system tends to be more expensive per click because there is more competition than on Yahoo and MSN.
  • Demographics – Demographics vary slightly as well. Yahoo tends to have a slightly higher percentage of female searchers than Google and MSN. Average incomes and locations vary across networks as well, but only slightly.
  • Conversion Rate by Industry – Conversion rates per industry will vary slightly between networks.

Our clients don’t really have to worry about these specifics, however, because we manage every aspect of the campaign for them.

What do you charge to manage a pay per click campaign?

We charge 12.5%2 of the monthly advertising spend1 plus an hourly rate for things like landing page design and campaign optimization.

We also offer one-time optimization, which we bill hourly.

See our packages above for more information.

2 Minimum monthly management fee is $250

What if I already have a Pay Per Click campaign?

Many of our clients come to us after attempting to manage their pay per click campaigns themselves and discovering just how much time and expertise is involved in running a highly successful campaign. Although some of them are able to build and manage their own campaigns profitably, they usually find that, with our experience and expertise, our service is an investment that pays for itself many times over and can significantly increase the profitability of the campaign, leaving our clients able to focus on what they do best…running their businesses.

Additionally, we offer a 15% performance improvement guarantee, so our services generally pay for themselves in just a few short months.

How are pay per click prices determined?

The price per click generally depends on 3 main factors – we’ll use Google’s system as an example here, but the same can be applied to Yahoo, Microsoft, or any other pay per click network.

  1. What the competition is willing to payIf you’re competition is willing to pay more per click than you are, their ads will appear higher on the page than yours. If enough advertisers are willing to pay more per click than you are, your ad will be pushed to the second page or may not show up at all.
  2. Landing page qualityGoogle’s system – and sometimes Google’s employees – will scan the actual page that searchers will land on when they click on your ad. This page is called the “landing page” and the more relevant that page is to the keyword(s) you’re targeting, the lower your cost per click will be.
  3. Click-through rateNot everyone who sees your ad will click on it. The percentage of those that see your ad who actually click on it is called the “click-through rate”. Google assumes that if a larger percentage of people are clicking on your ad, it must be targeted closer to what they’re looking for, and Google wants searchers to find what they’re looking for, so Google gives your ad preferential treatment by reducing your cost per click.

Who sets pay per click prices?

Each network has its own automated system to determine prices you’ll pay per click. The cost per click is paid directly to the network (i.e. Google, Yahoo, MSN).
The prices are determined automatically based on a bidding system and calculated based on the network’s own proprietary algorithm. Each network will be slightly different, for instance, Google AdWords will have slightly different prices than Yahoo Search Marketing, which will be slightly different from MSN adCenter.

Do you manage advertising campaigns on all networks?

We most often manage client campaigns on the big three networks: Google, Yahoo and MSN. We can also manage campaigns on other networks if it could provide a solid return on investment to the client.


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