Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Local SEO

A step-by-step guide to crafting local SEO content that ranks in the search engines.

It's pretty difficult to rank well in organic search these days without killer content. In this guide I'll explain the strategy we use to get local clients ranked for competitive local keywords using content. And what's great about ranking local content is the competition isn't really doing a good job at it, so there are some seriously huge […]

New Case Study: New satellite vet clinic at Ohio State University to #1

We just published a new case study in our case studies section: How we helped Ohio State University’s new satellite vet clinic rank #1 for most of their target keywords within 12 months.

Watch What Happens When We Change the Dates on Our Blog Posts

Does post date recency affect organic search traffic?

We switched all our blog post dates to Aug 8, 2014. A week later, organic traffic was up 45% and direct traffic was up 62%. Here's what happened, why I think it happened, and how you should handle blog post dates for SEO. We launched a new website design a few months ago. Somewhere along the line […]

Determine Keyword Intent with this Quick Checklist

If you're going to craft content that ranks, you need to understand intent. Use Google AdWords along with this checklist to help you figure it out.

The first step in crafting content that ranks is determining the intent behind a particular search term. If you aren't familiar with the concept of "intent," check out this giant list of resources to help you understand keyword intent. So, let's say I search "basketball." Is my intent to watch basketball, play basketball, learn the rules to basketball, or buy […]

7 Incredible Things You Never Knew About Marketing Your Website

1. Your website could be 500+% more effective at converting visitors into leads There's an entire discipline in the web marketing world called conversion rate optimization (CRO for short). CRO, in a nutshell, involves making changes to your website with the goal of increasing the percentage of people who contact you, sign up for your […]

Digital Marketing Recap August 2014

Awesome digital marketing stuff we found around the web this month.

Learn how to fix an unsuccessful Facebook campaign. Read a review on a new publishing platform. See case studies on the impact of the latest Google changes and for reducing churn. Learn about tools for better visualization of data and Facebook’s new cross-device reporting for advertisers. Read why image sliders and carousels are not good, […]

Diagnosing 50% Traffic Drop After New Site Launch

We recently started work on a project and oversaw the launch of a new website. Traffic nose dived 50%. This is how we diagnosed the problem.

When you're put in charge of SEO during a new website launch, the last thing you want to see is traffic to the site drop after the launch. Especially when you were involved from the very beginning – even if you're thorough and cover your bases, anything can happen, but it's usually on us as […]

Calculating the Value of SEO Using Google AdWords

How to use your AdWords campaign to estimate the value of ranking organically

AdWords can be an incredibly valuable keyword research tool, especially now that Google's moved to hide much of your keyword data inside "not provided." The problem with every other keyword research tool, including Google's own keyword planner, is that they can be really inaccurate. Fortunately, if you're using Google AdWords, you can get a very accurate picture of […]

Case Study: Reducing Display Network CPA by 60%

How to use bid, placement, and demographic optimization on low budget display campaigns to minimize CPA

One of the hardest things about working with lower budget accounts is the lack of data, making it difficult to test what works – something that's basically essential to the success of a PPC campaign. This is especially true on the Google display network. There are so many impressions available in almost any industry that your budget gets eaten […]

Should you manage your own AdWords account?

Over the years I've been asked this question so many times I feel it deserves a blog post. I know Google allows anyone with a credit card to set up an AdWords campaign, and of course they have a strong incentive to make it look easy as possible. But would you ask your doctor why […]