Keyword Intent: The Ultimate Resource List

Everything you need to know to use keyword intent to dominate in the era of "New Google"

What is keyword intent? When people talk about intent, they're generally referring to one of two concepts: The high-level classification of a searcher's goal: Is it navigational, informational, commercial, or transactional? This is the traditional meaning of intent. The specific goal of the search: For example, when someone searches "basketball," are they looking to buy a […]

The April 21st Google Mobile Update: What you need to know

On April 21st, 2015, Google is rolling out a massive algorithm change to the way it ranks sites on mobile: Call it mobile-geddon, mobile-pocalypse, the end of the world as we know it; whatever it is, it's coming April 21st and you need to be prepared. Google knows mobile is crucial Mobile is important. Your […]

What's different about the new call-only campaigns?

How are the new call-only campaigns any different from forcing a call via ad extensions in AdWords?

If you're like me, when you heard about the new call-only campaigns in AdWords that were announced on Feb 20, you thought to yourself, "Great, how is this different from forcing a phone call on mobile devices using call extensions?" Call-Only Campaigns vs Ad Extensions with "Just the phone number" In case you didn't know, for a while now […]

Syndicating Content? Better Use the Canonical Tag

I've seen a lot of organizations paying big money for regular blog posting and then syndicating those blog posts to their partner/dealer/agent/franchisee networks. If you are relying on these partners/dealers/agents/franchisees for revenue, it's in your best interest that they do well in the search engines. In these cases it's important to use the canonical tag […]

Surprise! The 4 Most Crucial Components of Website Design

Companies are designing websites all wrong. Here's why the process should be reversed.

Let's say you're having a website redesigned. What are the main things you're focused on? For most companies, the process looks something like this: Look through design portfolios to narrow the selection. Contact those firms to get pricing information. Narrow the choices to a few contenders and speak with each of them. Hire one. Communicate information about […]

AdWords: When a lower ad position is better

Why reducing your bids on AdWords can help you save quite a bit of money under the right circumstances.

I'm often asked by clients why our AdWords ads aren't showing up at the very top. My answer is: Sometimes it's far more profitable to show up further down the page. Let's say you have a product / service with a long sales cycle. It's heavily researched by your customers. They compile lists of every option that appeals […]

20 Awesome Web Design Companies in Cincinnati

Looking for a web design company? You should read this article on what's really important first. Then come back to this list. There are close to 100 web design companies in the Cincinnati area, but more impressive is the diversity of these companies. For instance, within the Greater Cincinnati area, you’ll find a web design […]

Do you own your website or is your web company holding it hostage?

You might be surprised at the answer.

This scenario is so common it's scary. In fact, the last two clients we took on went through this. The scenario You have a website through your digital marketing agency, for which you paid a small, but not insignificant sum. Either an overly aggressive salesperson told you that the site was yours or you were […]

Digital Marketing Recap – October 2014

Essential digital marketing info we found around the Web this month.

Big rollouts, the future of link building, the effectiveness of images and charts, the power of digital on in-store shopping, tips for creating a marketing hook, and lots more treats in this month’s digital marketing recap. You Got Rid of the Company’s Facebook Page, Why? That’s the question answered in a blog post by Alex […]

What Will SEO be Like in 2015?

The last few years were absolutely jam packed with Google algorithm changes that dramatically changed the SEO landscape. Lots of companies effectively closed up shop or pivoted to different service offerings because the old SEO methods simply didn't work anymore. Make no mistake, SEO is still effective. But the specific tactics that are most effective have definitely changed. I just read a post […]