20 Awesome Web Design Companies in Cincinnati

There are close to 100 web design companies in the Cincinnati area, but more impressive is the diversity of these companies. For instance, within the Greater Cincinnati area, you’ll find a web design firm with a successful spin-off company, the third oldest family operated ad agency in the U.S., which also happens to include web […]

Do you own your website or is your web company holding it hostage?

You might be surprised at the answer.

This scenario is so common it's scary. In fact, the last two clients we took on went through this. The scenario You have a website through your digital marketing agency, for which you paid a small, but not insignificant sum. Either an overly aggressive salesperson told you that the site was yours or you were […]

Digital Marketing Recap – October 2014

Essential digital marketing info we found around the Web this month.

Big rollouts, the future of link building, the effectiveness of images and charts, the power of digital on in-store shopping, tips for creating a marketing hook, and lots more treats in this month’s digital marketing recap. You Got Rid of the Company’s Facebook Page, Why? That’s the question answered in a blog post by Alex […]

What Will SEO be Like in 2015?

The last few years were absolutely jam packed with Google algorithm changes that dramatically changed the SEO landscape. Lots of companies effectively closed up shop or pivoted to different service offerings because the old SEO methods simply didn't work anymore. Make no mistake, SEO is still effective. But the specific tactics that are most effective have definitely changed. I just read a post […]

Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Local SEO

A step-by-step guide to crafting local SEO content that ranks in the search engines.

When people talk about content the first thing that comes to mind for most people is blogging. Unfortunately, a blog is probably not the first place local companies should kick off their content marketing efforts. In this guide I'll explain the strategy we use to get local clients ranked for any variety of keywords. And what's great about ranking local content […]

New Case Study: New satellite vet clinic at Ohio State University to #1

We just published a new case study in our case studies section: How we helped Ohio State University’s new satellite vet clinic rank #1 for most of their target keywords within 12 months.

Watch What Happens When We Change the Dates on Our Blog Posts

Does post date recency affect organic search traffic?

We switched all our blog post dates to Aug 8, 2014. A week later, organic traffic was up 45% and direct traffic was up 62%. Here's what happened… We launched a new website design a few months ago. Somewhere along the line we forgot to remove the placeholder dates from the blog templates and so we […]

Determine Keyword Intent with this Quick Checklist

If you're going to craft content that ranks, you need to understand intent. Use Google AdWords along with this checklist to help you figure it out.

The first step in crafting content that ranks is determining the intent behind a particular search term. For example, if I search "basketball," is my intent to watch basketball, play basketball, learn the rules to basketball, or buy a basketball? The intent could be a mix of these things or it could be mostly focused on one or […]

7 Incredible Things You Never Knew About Marketing Your Website

1. Your website could be 500+% more effective at converting visitors into leads There's an entire discipline in the web marketing world called conversion rate optimization (CRO for short). CRO, in a nutshell, involves making changes to your website with the goal of increasing the percentage of people who contact you, sign up for your […]

Digital Marketing Recap August 2014

Awesome digital marketing stuff we found around the web this month.

Learn how to fix an unsuccessful Facebook campaign. Read a review on a new publishing platform. See case studies on the impact of the latest Google changes and for reducing churn. Learn about tools for better visualization of data and Facebook’s new cross-device reporting for advertisers. Read why image sliders and carousels are not good, […]